GCC Mentoring Program Applications Now Open


Applications for the Graduate Career Consortium's Mentoring Program are now open!  
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Become a mentor to engage with others in the GCC community, enhance your own professional development, and give back to our organization.  

Join as a mentee and partner with your mentor to advance professionally, be more engaged in the GCC community, and learn how to better serve your graduate students and/or postdocs in a career and professional development capacity.

●    Mentors: We invite GCC members with 3 or more years in the GCC or 3 or more years serving as a graduate career professional to apply as mentors. 
●    Mentees:  We invite GCC members (at any stage) who feel they would benefit from this program to apply as mentees.

All are encouraged to participate! Participants from previous years’ programs are welcome and encouraged to re-apply for this year’s program. A new application for each participant each year is required.  

How It Works:
  • Application will be open through July 23. 
  • Based on participants' individual interests and requests, 1 mentor will be matched with 1 mentee. 
  • Mentoring pairs will be introduced in August.
    • The program will run from August 2021 through July 2022.
  • Mentoring pairs will work together to decide meeting/session logistics – frequency, format, mode – that work for both.
  • We recommend that you connect with each other monthly, but ask that you plan to connect with each other at least three times during the course of the year.  
  • Mentoring pairs can connect via phone or video conference to discuss challenges, successes, and issues. Past topics have included: developing new programs, working with employers, managing office staff, starting a new office, administering assessments and understanding tool options, championing for career advancement, and serving the needs of diverse students and postdocs.  

Application is now open!  Deadline: July 23.  
Apply here!  

Please contact committee chair, Diane Safer (diane.safer@einstenmed.org) if you have any questions.

GCC Mentoring Committee

Diane A. Safer, Albert Einstein College of Medicine (diane.safer@einsteinmed.org

Rory Flinn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Christine Holmes, Cornell University 
Daniel Moglen, UC Davis
Jenny Schneider, Thomas Jefferson University
Eric Vaughn, University of Rochester