Graduate Career Consortium Condemns Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and Policies


Two weeks ago, the GCC Executive Board was immensely relieved when the US government rescinded a recent policy directive that had been issued relating to continuing international students' ability to remain in the US this fall. However, that announcement was followed with another this past week that prevents new international students from taking all-online coursework. These announcements are only the most recent demonstration of anti-immigrant and xenophobic decisions, practices, and policies by the current administration. Members of the international community have had to confront incredible difficulties in recent times, from travel restrictions to government actions affecting immigrants and visitors to the United States.
The negative reverberations of these policies are far-reaching, and make many people feel unwelcome and unwanted in the US. The GCC strongly opposes and condemns this rhetoric, not only for the international trainees we support, but also importantly for our members. We are grateful to have the diverse perspectives of so many international members in our community and we write to extend support, love, and solidarity with you. You are valued. You are wanted.
The GCC has a strong commitment to, and history of, supporting international graduate students and postdocs. For members seeking more resources, we highlight the following multiple member-generated program sessions from the 2019 annual conference in New Orleans. These past presentations can be accessed through the GCC’s Resource Repository (login as a member > Resources > Resource Repository > Annual Conference Materials): 
  • “Addressing the Career Challenges International Graduate Students and Postdocs Face in the US” – Philip Clifford, Brendan Delaney, and Sina Safayi
  • “Innovative Programming for International Graduate Students and Postdoc Support” – Kari Brick, Bri Konnick, Jennifer Levy, Sonali Majumdar, and Sina Safayi 
  • “An IDP Alternative to Meet the Needs of Master’s and International Students in a Graduate Career Development Course” – Gary Baker and Beth Wilkins
  • “Inclusive and Informed Career Counseling for International Trainees (creative session)” – Laura Schram and Shoba Subramanian
To all members of our international community, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on the Executive Board. A hallmark of the GCC’s community of practice is our unwavering support for one another, and as GCC leadership, we are committed to continuing to deepen and expand this practice. 


Incoming Executive Board
Briana (Bri) Konnick, President
Natalie Lundsteen, Past President
Annie Maxfield, President Elect
Eric Vaughn, Treasurer
Briana Mohan, Secretary
Chris Smith, Communications Chairperson
Outgoing Executive Board
Natalie Lundsteen, President
Michael Matrone, Past President
Briana (Bri) Konnick, President Elect
Ruth Schemmer, Treasurer
Briana Mohan, Secretary
Alfreda James, Communications Chairperson
Liam O'Leary, Conference Chairperson