GCC Mentoring Program Launched in June 2018

The GCC has grown tremendously over the past several years, with more than half of our members having less than four years of experience serving graduate students or postdocs in a career and professional development role. In an effort to strengthen connections among members and expand opportunities for professional development and leadership, we are launching a pilot GCC Mentoring Program. We will be launching this pilot program at the annual GCC meeting held in June 2018.

We invite experienced GCC members (3 or more years in the GCC) to apply to become an inaugural mentor as part of this pilot program.  Each mentor will be matched with 1 mentee for one year.  Mentoring conversations can be tailored to the needs of each mentee and may include topics such as navigating the higher education landscape, enhancing coaching or career counseling skills and use of self-assessment tools, managing a career development office, teaching or program management.  Mentors are asked to meet their mentees at the GCC National Conference and at least three times during the year through phone or videoconference to discuss challenges, successes, and questions.  As part of this pilot, mentors will meet as a group by videoconference quarterly to share experiences in order to strengthen the program and support mentors in their role.  Becoming a mentor is a way for GCC members to engage with other members, enhance their own professional development, and give back to the GCC as part of this pilot program.

Complete information, including applications for both mentees and mentors, will be announced this Spring.  
Committee Chair: Kerry Landers, Dartmouth College
Committee Members:
Rory Flinn, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 
Cynthia Fuhrmann, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Christine Holmes, Cornell University 
Steve Lee, University of California at Davis 
Jake Livengood, MIT
Kim Petrie, Vanderbilt University
Suprawee Tepsuporn, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health