Benefits of Membership

Join a community of people that care about the future of career and professional development for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

Membership gives you access to the GCC members' only content of the website, including:

  • Online discussion forums for exchanging ideas, answering calls for information and opinions, as well as postings on a range of topics from industry trends to best practices and new job postings in the field. Learn how to use the message boards here.
  • An archive of resources from past conferences and current materials shared by members
  • Easy event registration for the annual conference and regional meetings
  • Professional involvement on committees, task forces, and opportunity for leadership

Membership also allows participation in our lively community through regional meetings, annual conference, training for members new to the field of graduate and postdoctoral career services, and a wide variety of other professional development events.

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From our members:

The GCC was ABSOLUTELY essential to the success we have had designing and implementing professional and career development programs specifically for current PhD students and postdocs over the past year. The annual Conference and Pre-conference workshop are treasure troves of fantastic programming ideas that are immediately implementable. Both the national and regional conferences are places to share common challenges and receive useful advice from sage colleagues who are passionate about sharing best practices and resources. Over the past year, the GCC has quickly become my primary source of professional development at both the national and regional levels.

Susan C. Martin | University of Maryland
Program Director, PhD Career & Professional Development

GCC strives to foster a strong sense of community and inclusion for graduate career and professional development practitioners. I have been able to effectively build relationships with other members, share ideas and resources, become a leader within GCC and connect with GCC leadership about the future of this organization. GCC has been highly valuable, both professionally and personally, and I am so thrilled to be a member of the GCC.

D‘Anne Duncan | Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Associate Consortium Director, Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training

I‘ve worked in Career Services for 25+ years and have found this group to be the best professional organization I‘ve ever joined. The members are always willing to share ideas and provide support. GCC is the best!

Amy Blackburn | University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Sr. Assistant Director for Graduate Students

The GCC is a great community of friendly and collaborative colleagues! Everyone has been open to share ideas and best practices for our grad students and postdocs. I also greatly appreciate how everyone has been open to collaborating together on projects across our institutions.

Steve Lee | University of California, Davis
Graduate Diversity Officer for the STEM Disciplines

For me, the GCC goes beyond resource sharing, it‘s my network of expert colleagues. Benchmarking and innovation in graduate student professional and career development are hallmarks of the GCC network.

Kerry Landers | Dartmouth College 
Assistant Dean of Graduate Student Affairs

The GCC is a special organization. Its small size and focused mission make it an ideal forum to build key relationships, benchmark with colleagues, and share best practices related to PhD career services.

Ryan Wheeler | The Scripps Research Institute 
Director of Career and Postdoctoral Services Office